A professional plant focusing on variety automatic vacuum packaging machines.
focusing on variety automatic vacuum packaging machines
our vacuum packaging machine plant Brief Introduction for our vacuum packaging machine plant.
B&Y packaging machine technology Co.,Ltd is a professional vacuum packaging machine manufacture.Since the establishment,the vacuum packaging machine has supplied more than hundreds of vacuum packaging machines.Our vacuum packaging machines are sold at home and abroad.The vacuum packing machine is one of our advanced machines.Our vacuum packaging machine factory has experienced more than ten yearson producting vacuum packaging machine.In domestic our vacuum packaging machine has a very good reputation.The vacuum packaging machine is deeply approved by the customers ...[more]

The features of our vacuum packaging machine and vacuum packaging machine plant

1.The vacuum packaging machine collect with automatic filling, weighing, vacuum packaging, sealing,printing,counting,stampingand conveyingfinished product,full set of process.
2.The vacuum packaging machinecan satisfy most products such as liquid,paste,granule, powder and irregular shape materialsí» packaging requirements.
3.The vacuum packaging machine is suitable for different types bags, such as 4-side sealed bag, 3-side sealing bag, handbag, zipper bags, plastic bags, M bags, paper-plastic bag, etc...[more]

The applications of the vacuum packaging machines of our vacuum packaging machine plant

1.he vacuum packaging machine is widely used in beverage,commodity,food,machinery hardware, medical and other industries, for packing liquid, paste, granule, powder and irregular shape materials.
2. Our vacuum packaging machine factory can provide customers the CE certification for our each vacuum packaging machine.The factory has passed ISO9001.Our vacuum packing machine has more than a hundred kinds vacuum packaging machines, which can satisfy customers' various vacuum packing requirements...[more]

The advantages of our vacuum packaging machine

1.Our plant have ability to complete from the vacuum packaging machine design to finish the vacuum packaging machine.
2.The vacuum packaging machine can be customized according to customer demand.
3.Provide differentvacuum packaging machine packaging solutions.
4.Based on the existing vacuum packaging machine,we can increase more functions for the customer, meet varietyrequirements of vacuum packaging machine production...[more]
Our plant produce automatic vacuum packaging machine, automatic bag vacuum packaging machine,food automatic vacuum packaging machine etc packaging machines
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